3 Keto Recipes Anyone Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less – Abbie Brooks

3 Keto Recipes Anyone Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less – Abbie Brooks

Getting any type of edible food on our tables in time to sit together and have a meal can be a real task. Our lives are so busy it seems there is very little time for health-related goals, much less menu planning! We all know that eating nourishing food is something we should hold as important in our day, but how do you even start?

With the risk of cancer and diseases running rampid, it is more important now than ever to clean up our diets. We know that consuming too much prepackaged foods or GMO laden snacks is detrimental to our health but it can be overwhelming to sort through the hundreds of recipes ideas from your Pinterest search. Menu planning can be so frustrating, but especially when trying to feed your picky eaters without sabotaging your own eating plan.

That’s why Louise asked Abbie Brooks from Appetite For Energy to come on the show and help us out. She explains easy ways to throw together healthy meals in less than 30 minutes that your entire family can eat. Unless you enjoy spending hours planning out meals, hours in the kitchen and shopping at multiple grocery stories each weekend, then this episode is for you.

So, during today’s podcast, Louise Hendon and Abbie Brooks will tell you about the following:

→ Abbie’s Story and the Appetite For Energy blog
→ Creating low carb meals when you’re short on time
→ Cooking meals for the whole family, even when they aren’t keto
→ Ways to keep variety in weekly meals
→ Abbie’s 3 favorite meals to prep for her family

Prefer to listen to this as a podcast episode? Check out the blog post on The Keto Summit website here:

And don’t forget to check out Abbie’s Simple Ketogenic Meal Formula and her website and social media:

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