American Goulash | Instant Pot |

American Goulash | Instant Pot |

Written Recipe:

*** Food Notes ***
– I am using a 6 qt instant pot. If you use a larger one, please adjust the water/broth amount accordingly.
– Make sure your macaroni is submerged in water/broth.
-Please remember not to mix after adding tomato sauce, as the sauce may burn if mixed.
– Be sure to deglaze the pot after browning the meat.
– Sugar is optional and only added to reduce the acidic taste in the sauce.
– After pressure cooking, your pasta will absorb any remaining liquid. Just let it sit for a few minutes.

This recipe is a one-pot, comfort food dish that is so simple to make. This dish is packed with flavor that is prepared with minced meat, garlic, spices, and tomato. Top with freshly shredded cheddar cheese and serve!

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