Classic French Dip Sandwich Recipe

Classic French Dip Sandwich Recipe

Classic French dip sandwich recipe! Let me show you how to make this amazing sandwich right from your kitchen! I teach you how to make homemade au jus, and get the most flavor out of your beef. This beef sandwich is packed with flavor you don’t want to miss! My goal in every video is to demonstrate how its possible for everyone to be able to make restaurant quality food right from their home. The recipe is delicious, easy and everyone can make it. So sit back and get ready to laugh, and learn how easy cooking can truly be! I love to read comments from my viewers, so please feel free to leave your feed back or recipe recommendation that you would like me to cook. Thanks so much for watching as always, I hope I BLOW YOUR MIND!🤯🤯

Recommended Kitchen Tools:
Cutting Board
Glass Ramekins
Baking Pan

Ingredients: Measurments:
•Mirepoix 25%Carrots+Celery, 50%Onion
•French Roll 1 Loaf
•Provolone 3 Slices
•Beef/Round 4-8lb
•Garlic 2T
•Butter 2T
•Thyme 1 Bunch
•Beef Stock 1.5 Quart
•Italian Herb Mix 1 tips!
•Bay Leaf 4 Leafs
•Parsley Stem 1Bunch

*Please note all measurements are guide lines use best judgement when cooking*
Chefs don’t use measuring cups!!

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