Cooking for One | Budget Cooking for One

Cooking for One | Budget Cooking for One Cooking for one is easier than you may think. When you have been used to cooking for a family and you find yourself living alone again, it is easy to fall into the habit of ‘grazing’ rather than cooking a meal for yourself.

This book ‘Budget Cooking for One’ sets out some simple tried and tested easy recipes that are quick and simple to make. The good thing about these simple recipes is that they are all recipes I have put together and made for myself and you can substitute a lot of the ingredients for things that you prefer. Be adventurous and enjoy cooking for yourself using fresh ingredients – it’s so much better than eating processed food.

These cheap recipes for one can be adjusted if you have guests and a lot of the recipes show how to use up any leftovers that are sitting in the fridge.

Cooking for one can be fun, fast and inexpensive as well as much more nutritious than just ‘nukeing’ a ready meal in the microwave. You deserve to enjoy your food and cooking for one is just as straightforward as cooking for a family except YOU get to decide what ingredients YOU like.

There are lots of easy recipe ideas that can be adapted if you are cooking for two, simply double the ingredient quantities.

There are some completely new recipes that the author has devised along with some more familiar recipes in this book ‘Budget Cooking for One’

Enjoy! E