EATING FOODS I DON’T LIKE – Holiday Foods | Pungence

EATING FOODS I DON’T LIKE – Holiday Foods | Pungence

Eating foods I don’t like from the holidays! My brother and sister react to it lol. This was a challenge for me. On the menu is cranberry sauce, stuffing, and green bean casserole. Warning: it gets a little gross, so you might not want to be eating while watching if you have a weak stomach lol. There were so many funny moments in this video, I might just have to do more. As time has gone on, I’ve tried more experiments with food, and I’ve learned to like a lot more. But there are still a lot of other foods I don’t like, so leave a like on the video and subscribe if you want to see me do more of these!

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I wanted to record this video because it seems like everyone I talk to about it is interested or entertained by how picky I am haha. It’s always fun seeing people’s reaction. Being picky was always a difficult thing for me growing up. But now it’s just fun to laugh about it and have fun with it. If I could rewind and change this about myself, I don’t think I would. I just learned to embrace it and be happy with who I am and enjoy the foods I DO like. I’ve been wanting to do this video since the beginning of 2017, but this seemed like the best time for it.

Thank you so much to my brother, sister, and one of my best friends Josh!

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