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Food Song | Kids Songs | Billion Surprise Toys

This 3D animation video has brilliant tips to get your kid to eat better! If your children are picky eaters, this video is for them! Make them watch how Johny quickly eats up the nutritional food his mom prepares!
The magic works out when Johny’s mom explains the advantages of having each of his food portions. Johny doesn’t want to get sick and he tries his best to be healthy by not being picky about his food.
Johny’s mom makes a song out of what milk does to our bones, nuts to our nutrients level. She also explains how egg boosts the protein level and how fruits and veggies pump up our energy, strength and health. Little Johny immediately understands the benefits as they are sung to him as a cozy song. He eventually consumes everything in the platter without wasting anything at all.
It is important for the kid to have a basic knowledge about what the food he consumes, does to his body. Try this at home and tell us how your kid adored it!

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Food food food food is must for your strength
Food food food food is must for your health
If you don’t eat food you will become very weak
If you don’t don’t eat food health will leave you very fast

Milk milk milk milk is must for healthy bones
Drink drink drink you should drink it everyday
Yes yes yes i will surely drink the milk
See see see i am a strengthy kid u see

Egg egg egg eggs are rich in protein
Eat eat eat we should eat it everyday
Yes yes yea i like to eat an egg
See see see its a really tasty food

fruits fruits fruits you should add some fruits
Fruits fruits fruits they will energies your body
Yes yes yes i am gonna eat it now
Wow wow wow it tastes really good

Nuts nuts nuts nuts are rich in nutrients
Yes yes yes i will surely eat all nuts
Veggies veggies they are must for your strength
Yes yes yes i am strengthy now you see

Food food food food is must for your strength
Food food food food is must for your health
Food food food food is must for your strength
Food food food food is must for your health

Enjoy the video 🙂

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