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In this episode of the Pantry Chat, Josh and Carolyn are answering YOUR QUESTIONS!

Once a month we gather up your questions from past episodes and videos and answer as many as we can. This is a really fun time for us as we feel like we get to connect with you guys a bit more and explore some of the topics we have covered in a little more detail.

This is a longer episode, so grab a good cup of coffee or tea and come join us as we discuss your questions. We will be covering food storage and organization strategies along with some off video topics like purchasing and storing green coffee beans, how to deal with pantry moths and much more!

Farmhouse Teas:
Chocolate Conniption Not Coffee:
Seasonal Prairie Pumpkin Chai (and other chai options):

1:35 – No-Poo Shampoo Method
5:45 – Barn shavings – what we use and where we get it
8:40 – Long-Term Food Storage (Watch video here:
10:48 – Pumpkin Leather Recipe (Watch video here:
11:43 – Sourcing large quantities of non-food items for our family.
13:13 – Can a loaf of bread be bought cheaper than made from scratch?
16:00 – Where do we buy organic coffee beans?
18:55 – Tips for getting started on bulk buying.
20:10 – Tips on finding a homesteading property.
24:40 – What made Josh try a vegetarian diet and why did he switch back?
26:00 – How long will fermented garlic last and the best way to preserve large quantities of garlic (Watch video here:
28:58 – Best place to store fermented veggies?
31:30 – Will our chicks have access to free-range outside?
33:20 – What kind of dry beans do we buy?
34:34 – Can you raw pack potatoes for canning? Why or why not?
35:45 – Can you can pumpkin puree?
36:49 – Pumpkin Pie Filling (Watch video here:
37:02 – Do we save our pumpkin seeds for next year’s garden?
39:00 – Does cooking whole pumpkins with the seeds change the flavor of the pumpkin puree?
40:03 – What’s in Carolyn’s brown leather book and where did she buy it?
41:14 – Can you cook a whole pumpkin in an Instant Pot?
42:10 – How to Organize Your Pantry and Food Storage (Watch video here:
43:00 – Canning water
44:07 – How deep should frost-free pipes go underground?
46:42 – How do you prevent and keep pantry moths away?
49:42 – Tips for storing large amounts of flour.
52:30 – DIY Herbed Rub (Watch video here:
53:36 – How to keep bread fresh all week. (Watch DIY Beeswax Wrap video here:

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