How to Make Mexican Coffee – Three Ways – Café de Olla Coffee Recipe (Spiced, Chocolate & Iced)

How to Make Mexican Coffee – Three Ways – Café de Olla Coffee Recipe (Spiced, Chocolate & Iced)

Traditional Mexican Coffee (Café de Olla) is the potpourri of the coffee world. Incredibly fragrant, this coffee will have your home smelling amazing for days. Cinnamon is the heavy-hitter in this recipe. Add the licorice-notes of anise, the spiciness of clove, and the citrus aroma of orange peel, and you have a delicious brew that hugs you from the inside-out.

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A key distinction of this recipe is the use of piloncillo — a cone of unrefined sugar commonly used in latin recipes. I found mine in the international section of my local grocery store. They’re quite inexpensive. Sure, you can just use brown sugar, but piloncillo has a distinct, rustic flavor–a bit like rum and molasses. It adds a certain warmth to the brew.

We’re taking this authentic recipe a step further by making it three ways:
• Traditional Black (spiced)
• With Chocolate
• Iced with Chocolate

You know that occurrence when you get a cup of tea or coffee that smells AMAZING but tastes like water? Well, this isn’t like that AT ALL. Cafe de Olla tastes even better than smells, which makes it worth the time.

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• More traditional versions of this drink (particularly the pot used to brew it).
• Sugar and coffee alternatives.
• Using traditional Mexican drinking chocolate (and why it’s not in this recipe).
• All those spices, and why you might not need them.
• Serving tips.


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