Re-Create Familiar Meals in Sandwich Form || Fork Yeah

Re-Create Familiar Meals in Sandwich Form || Fork Yeah

There are literally thousands of ways to make a sandwich, and The Speakeatery in Asbury Park, New Jersey is leading the charge in innovating new ways to have meals between two buns. Chef and co-owner Andrew Vermilyea is focused on creating the experience of an entire meal in one perfect bite. His sandwiches re-create familiar meals like a Thanksgiving feast, leftover Chinese takeout, and whole barbecue platters.

Now more than ever, thanks to Instagram, people are eating with their eyes. But does all this Instagrammable food actually taste good? What’s the story behind popular new food like Taco Pizza or Cheetos Macaroons? “Fork Yeah” answers these questions head on. This series goes to the source of the latest and greatest food trends and most ‘gramable dishes to find out how they taste and what inspired the making of them.

Chas Truslow

Associate Producer
Reina Haddad

Camera Operators
Daniel Cangelosi, Thomas McKenna, Phoebe Melnick

Zachary Lapierre

Fredy Delgado

Production Manager
Jonathan Rinkerman

Production Coordinator
Sarah Barry

Senior Producer
Marco Shalma

Supervising Producer
Stasia Tomlinson

Head of Video
Justin Lundstrom

“It Is What It Is” by Edward Anderson, James Desmond, Robert Grant, Mikhail Johnson, Panauh Kalayeh

“NYDK” by Joachim Souhab

“Investigate Your Mind” by Klooz, Kidedo

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