Spicy Shredded Chicken Salad Recipe – From Szechuan, China

Spicy Shredded Chicken Salad Recipe – From Szechuan, China

This is a unique shredded chicken salad recipe. Chinese people don’t normally eat salad that much, but this Chinese salad from Szechuan province tastes so good. And it is very easy to make. Give it a try, you will like it too.

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– 3 chicken thigh (or 200 grams of chicken breast) [3个鸡腿或者200克鸡胸肉]
– 1 cup of shredded carrot [1杯胡萝卜丝]
– 1 cup of shredded cucumber [1杯青瓜丝]
– 1/4 cup of cilantro [1/4杯香菜]
– Some jasmine flower [一小撮茉莉花] [Amazon Link:


– 2 or 3 tbsp of jasmine tea or water [2-3汤匙茉莉花茶或者水]
– 1 tbsp of minced garlic [1汤匙大蒜碎]
– 1/2 tbsp of minced ginger [1/2汤匙姜蓉]
– 1 tbsp of dou ban jiang [1汤匙豆瓣酱]
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– 2 tsp of Chinese black vinegar [2茶匙陈醋]
– 2 tsp of sesame oil [2茶匙芝麻油]
– 1 tsp of sesame seeds (optional) [1茶匙芝麻]


– Boil the chicken thighs until it cooks through. It will take about 8 minutes. Chicken breast will work as well.
– Let it cool down to room temperature and rip it into strips. Once you are done, transfer that into a large bowl.
– Add a bunch of shredded cucumber, shredded carrot and a hand full cilantro.
– Set it aside. Let’s make the sauce.
– Pour in about 2-3 tbsp jasmine tea or water into the sauce bowl.
– Add in 1 tbsp of minced garlic, 1/2 tbsp of minced ginger.
(This amount of garlic and Ginger is really intense if you don’t like it that much you can adjust it.)
– Next ingredients are the soul of Sichuan – 1 tbsp of dou ban jiang.
(I really don’t know the good substitution of this because dou ban Jiang flavor is really unique. But if you can’t find it, you can try to use your favorite chili sauce. I am sure it will taste good but won’t be the same flavor.)
– Besides that, We gonna add 2 tsp of Chinese black vinegar.
– Drizzle in 2 tsp of sesame oil. Give it a mix. Taste it and see if you need more salt. If it is too salty, add more jasmine tea in it.
– Pour the sauce into the big bowl. Toss them together make sure everything is coated with that delicious dressing. If you like to finish it with some sesame seed on the top, that’s awesome
– And that’s pretty much it. You are ready to serve.

Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions, just post a comment.

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