Tasty Vegetarian Recipe’s w/ Refika | Learning About Turkish Cuisine & Easy Tasty Recipes | Sanne

Tasty Vegetarian Recipe’s w/ Refika | Learning About Turkish Cuisine & Easy Tasty Recipes | Sanne

Tasty Vegetarian Recipe’s w/ Refika | Easy Turkish Cuisine Lessons From My Favorite Turkish Chef, Eggplant Recipes That Everyone Can Make At Home, & Cooking Inside My Dream Kitchen | Sanne Vloet + Chef Refika Birgül

Hey Guys,

Thank you for all the love in the comments section on my last Istanbul travel vlog! Kasey and I did our very best to capture the beauty of the city, the culture, the food, and the amazing people we met while on our trip. So far this year it has been one of my favorite trips and I can’t believe I had the chance to cook with Refika. I was so inspired by the local products, the foods, and by Refika’s amazing kitchen! I hope to one day have a kitchen like Refika’s where I can cook everyday and share recipes from. What kind of kitchen do you think would be perfect? I’ve been making a Pinterest board for kitchen inspiration so if you have any ideas you know where to share them with me!

Eggplant is one of my favorite ingredients and vegetables (vegebles). Turkish cuisine has hundreds of eggplant recipes so Refika and I spent some time in the kitchen creating an Eggplant Mezze dish that all of you can make at home too! Who here likes eggplant or does anyone ever use the 🍆 emoji? Refika has been cooking her whole life, but she wasn’t always a professional chef! Her story is so inspiring and I hope to share more about how she has turned her love of cooking into an amazing business that is connected to so many people! I truly believe food connects us and when you sit around the table with good food, friends, family, or even strangers, it can bring everyone together no matter the differences. Maybe great healthy food is the answer to the worlds problems! On a side note who has watched the Netflix documentary Game Changers?

I’m really excited now that I’m able to get back in the kitchen and share wellness content. I missed sharing recipes, what I eat in a day videos, and content that is focused more on our health journey. I love feeling inspired and even in those tough moments I can always turn to wellness or food to pull myself out of any hard moments. Thank you to everyone who watched and experienced a tough day with me last week, it felt so much better to talk to you all, and just share a little bit about what happens in my head when I feel the anxiety creeping into my body. I hope everyone here has a few ideas on how to combat stress, anxiety, and find balance even when you are dealing with situations that aren’t perfect. I’m going to invite a few friends onto the channel soon to talk about how they deal with adversity and tough situations.

I can’t thank Refika enough for inviting me into her kitchen to learn how to make the tastiest Eggplant Mezze! It was such a great experience and I can’t wait to go back and visit to learn more and make some more content with Refika. If you have any requests for videos or people you’d like to see me cook with leave me a note down in the comments! If you haven’t subscribed yet, I hope you do! The community continues to grow and you can never have too much love and positivity so come join us!

Sending all of you so much love today!



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