What I Ate Today │Easy Keto Cheesesteak Skillet │Easy Keto Recipes

What I Ate Today  │Easy Keto Cheesesteak Skillet │Easy Keto Recipes

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My daily routine starts with black coffee during my intermittent fasting window. Towards the end of my fasting window, I head to the gym for strength training because that’s the time my body will burn the most fat. The goal is to have lean mass on my body, not fat! I begin eating around noon and I’ll make eggs with Canadian bacon. I strive to hit my protein macros so I help hit my protein goals by using Canadian bacon instead of regular bacon because the Canadian bacon is leaner with 10 grams of protein in one serving. I pan fry it in a half tablespoon of grassfed butter. Then I quickly scramble 3 eggs in the other half tablespoon of butter.

My afternoon treat contains my collagen to help support my hair, skin, joints, and nails. Today I used the unflavored collagen but other days I’ll use the salted caramel collagen instead of the Lakanto syrups. It’s fun to switch it up! Go here for the recipes:

I sneak a quick Perfect Keto protein bar in while I’m in the school pickup line and head home to prep dinner. Here’s the recipe for the Cheese-steak Skillet.

I finished my day a little over my macros because we enjoyed the last of my birthday cake. The birthday cake is the Swerve vanilla cake mix with a Lakanto frosting. SO GOOD! Go here for the recipe.

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